New phones come out all the time, but what do you do with old one? It’d be cool if you could put your it into an ATM-like kiosk and get money for it. That’s the idea behind the ecoATM, where a complex system of technologies comes into play: machine vision to see the phone, robotics to connect the correct cable out of 23 possibilities, diagnostics to ascertain the phone’s condition, and artificial intelligence to determine a value based on a real-time worldwide pre-auction system. Then it’ll find your old phone a new home or recycle it, and reclaim its rare earth elements, and…[ring SFX] It’s for you!

Take your old cell phone to an ecoATM. The robotic kiosk will analyze your old phone, find it a new home (or recycle the components), determine a value, and offer you cash.

Credit: Today's Green Minute

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