When a computer computes, it makes a whole lotta heat, and when a SUPER computer computes, it makes a SUPER amount of…NYAA!  Nature’s solution is the circulatory system, which, in addition to carrying nutrients to cells, also carries away heat.  In most computers, moving air carries away the heat, but Europe’s fastest computer, the SuperMUC, is different.  M.U.C. is the airport code for Munich, where SuperMUC lives.  It mimics Nature by sending water directly to the processors and memory components.  The system is 10 times as compact as air-cooled systems and consumes 40% less energy…cooling components 4000 times more efficiently.  All the extra heat will be warming the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre Campus, and all the energy savings amounts to one and a quarter million dollars a year.  Wow.  SuperMUC will study the frontiers of astrophysics, quantum chromodynamics, computational chemistry, genome analysis and earth quakes. IBM says that its 18,000 Xeon processors clock in at 3 petaflops, or 3 million billion floating point operations per second. 

Clever chill tech lets Munich Germany's SuperMUC computer run astrophysics, quantum chromodynamics, genome analysis and earthquake simulations faster than any computer in Europe. And it keeps human researchers warm in winter by offloading heat.

Credit: Today's Green Minute

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