Sometimes good green initiatives bog down in old practices, bureaucracy, and red tape…and they can’t…move…FORWARD! So rivers get more polluted, pollution keeps spewing from coal plants, and cars and trucks keep guzzling gas and adding more pollution…(cough!) How do we get unstuck? Enter ELPC…The Environmental Law and Policy Center…a public-interest legal advocacy group that works within these eleven states. They lead campaigns to bring about environmental progress, economic development, and more jobs…working on projects like cleaning up the Chicago River: It’s one of the few major city rivers left into which wastewater is dumped without being disinfected! Ech! After a 6-year battle, The river is finally being cleaned up. Grab your canoe! As for coal plants, with ELPC’s help, more than a dozen are putting in pollution control equipment, and five are shutting down. Stay tuned for more. As for highway gas-guzzling, how about linking ten large Midwest cities and mid-sized cities in-between with high-speed rail service that will improve mobility, reduce pollution, create jobs, and spur economic growth…eh? Well, thousands of construction workers are upgrading track for high-speed rail right now! …Because the ELPC is navigating good, green initiatives through old practices, bureaucracy, and red tape…and getting…something…DONE! Aaagh! That's what I'm talkin' about!

The Environmental Law and Policy Center is leading the charge on cleaning up the environment in middle America. It's helped enact initiatives to clean up the Chicago River, make coal plants reduce pollution, and more.

Credit: Today's Green Minute

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