What the Heck Is This?

This is not that bearded beastly looking guy from Harry Potter. But it is from something to be feared.

No other hints today. Can you guess what it is?

See the full image and description below…

It's the mane of a lion. This King of the Jungle was, well, not in the jungle when the picture was taking on the plains of the Sabi Sands Game Preserve in Kruger National Park, South Africa at sunrise.

Here's a fact you should know if you ever go taking pictures of lions: They are more likely to attack humans in the days right after the full moon, a recent study found. Why? Because during full moon, their normal predators see them coming, so they get real hungry. Once it starts getting darker at night again, even a human starts looking scrumptious.

Sunrise highlights the mane of this African lion.
Sunrise highlights the mane of this African lion.
Credit: Linda and Dr. Dick Buscher

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